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The first-ever augmented reality application providing round-the-clock aid for people living with Parkinson’s.


Moving Through Glass leverages the heads-up display, bone-inductive audio, and verbal and gestural navigation of Google Glass to provide on-the-move access to proven dance-based tools.

How it Works


Parkinson’s Disease is a movement disorder affecting nerve cells. One of the most common symptoms is difficulty initiating movement.

“Ok, Glass…
Warm me up”

Seated routines you can do first thing in the morning, even from your bed.


Impaired posture and uncontrollable muscle tension cause Parkinson’s patients to lose balance and fall easily at any time.

“Ok, Glass…
Balance me”

Standing routines that enhance rythmic entrainment and get you prepped for walking.


Tremors and jerky movements mean that people with Parkinson’s may have have an uneven gait that makes walking more difficult.

“Ok, Glass…
Walk with me”

A walking guide provides visual stimulation with music to set your pace.


People with Parkinson’s can become “stuck” or frozen in the middle of a movement and have difficulty reinitiating movement.

“Ok, Glass…
Unfreeze me”

Standing routines gradually get you out of a freeze and back to walking.

Moving Through Glass UI

Who's Talking About It

Who We Are

Moving Through Glass Who We Are

Moving Through Glass was created by Mark Morris Dance Group and the creative agency SS+K as a portable, round-the-clock extension of the internationally acclaimed Dance for PD® program developed by MMDG and Brooklyn Parkinson Group.

Parkinson's researchers from New York Presbyterian/Weill-Cornell Medical Center and Standford University's Movement Disorders Center are also advising on the project and will be testing with patients to both refine existing modalities and explore next-stage development possibilities.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Moving
Through Glass or are interested in helping to build its
future, please contact:

MMDG/Dance For PD

David Leventhal

3 Lafayette Ave
New York, NY 11217
(718) 624-8400


88 Pine Street
30th Floor
New York, NY 10005
(212) 419-3409